Intern or Slave?


December 10, 2012

In the current job market it seems that some people, young ones more often, will do anything to get a job – even an unpaid internship. This could seem like a real boon for cash strapped employers. Instead of hiring someone, just call them an intern and you won’t have to pay. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending upon which side you’re on) the Department of Labor and state laws have stepped in to stop intern abuse. See this post for the basics on how to do it right: Doing Anything for Nothing.

Colorado Secretary of State Throws a Bone

December 3, 2012

Colorado was one of the states that made a frantic search for illegal voters, turning up about ten, maybe, and scaring thousands (we went blue anyway). And our Secretary of State  is now under investigation for spending state funds to go to the Republican National Convention. Now, whatever his motive, he has temporarily dropped the online filing fees for all state business filings to $1 (with a few minor exceptions). Can’t argue with that one. See more details here: A gift for business from the SOS .